Solutions for Ripping
DDR-Gang Rip Return RF-Gang Rip Infeed
DDX-Near Side Even-Ending SR-Series Surfacing and Straight-Line Ripping
GR-3-Far Side Even-Ending U1-Sorting and Gang Rip Infeed
Grading & Ripping Systems XLR-Bi-Directional Gang Rip Outfeed
Power Rip-Gang Rip Optimizing Feed System  





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Increase production by keeping a steady stream of boards ready for your saw

Decrease wear and tear on your saw operator by allowing the machine to move the boards for you

Consolidate floor space

Reduce material waste by automatically detecting bows in your boards



Stop letting your workers slow your saw down.

With its short cycle time per board coupled with the high accuracy of its infeed fence, this system will provide your saw operator with a steady supply of boards at the saw along with the ability to repeatedly optimize the yield of each board.
At the same time, each board is graded before it reaches the saw operator to insure that only the proper boards are being cut for the job at hand.