DDR-Gang Rip Return RF-Gang Rip Infeed
DDX-Near Side Even-Ending SR-Series Surfacing and Straight-Line Ripping
GR-3-Far Side Even-Ending U1-Sorting and Gang Rip Infeed
Grading & Ripping Systems XLR-Bi-Directional Gang Rip Outfeed
Power Rip-Gang Rip Optimizing Feed System  





1 Planer / 1 Straightline
- 3500 Board Feet per Hour with 2 men.
- 2000 Board Feet per Hour with 1 man.


SRU system - U-Shaped

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SRL system - Linear

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1 Planer / 2 Straightlines
- 5000 Board Feet per Hour with 3 men.
- 3500 Board Feet per Hour with 2 men.
SRT system - T-Shaped
The new SR-Series from WoodStorm takes the arudous, labor intensive process of surfacing and straight-line ripping a board and reduces it to the basic process it should be by integrating your saw and your surfacer into a seamless system. Now you can get greatly increased production of a superior product with:
  - fewer people -- eliminates unprofitable handling.
- smaller footprint -- all work is done in a concise, defined area.
- less handling -- no more shuttling buggies from surfacer to saw.
- greater safety -- eliminates kickback injuries.
- no skilled personnel -- laser guided controls eliminate the need for skilled personnel at the rip saw by automatically aligning the bow in each board with the saw blade to optimize each and every board for optimal yield.