The WoodStorm Service Approach

At WoodStorm, our attitude about problems is the same as yours: we hate them! We take pride and go to great lengths to build industrial strength, high value systems which will make you more profitable from day one. However, even the finest components can fail. To us, one very substantial mark of a great company is how quickly and pleasantly they help you get back up and running. Our promise is that while you may encounter a machine glitch, you'll never have a problem getting it fixed ... and you won't get any attitude, just the solution you needed!

Any time you have a question or concern about a WoodStorm product, however slight it may seem, please do not hesitate to call us immediately. We want to help make your day more enjoyable and, most importantly, more profitable. Email us at


WoodStorm Automation, Inc

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Phone: 970-449-2651