Solutions for Moulding
DT-17-Moulder Outfeed Left Hand Lateral Chain Feeder
M-Series Moulder Outfeed Right Hand Lateral Chain Feeder





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Handles feed speeds up to 600 fpm

Special high speed pinch roller pulls each moulding from the moulder and singulates it for cross transferring

Uses our on-demand process which only moves the chains when a piece of moulding is transferred.

Quick adjusting guide channel allows even the smallest moulding to be run

Specially designed to handle multiples as well

Designed to mate with other processes such as optimizing saws, prime lines, sorting chains, etc.



MT - Series High Speed Moulder Outfeed

Costing less than one person's wages for a year, our machines will be there making you more profitable for years to come. The M-T series is built on the same basic platform as our M-series, but has the octane to handle operations at speeds up to 600 feet per minute.