Solutions for Moulding
DT-17-Moulder Outfeed Left Hand Lateral Chain Feeder
M-Series Moulder Outfeed Right Hand Lateral Chain Feeder





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Unique "on-demand" chain deck operation lets you run random, short and re-sawn material with minimum effort

Inverter drives give intelligent, durable and powerful performance while eliminating the inefficiencies and mess of hydraulics

Run re-sawn wedges (up to 20 degrees) without tilting feed works or beveled wheels ... and at no extra cost

"Open-arm" frame design allows for coupling with other processes (i.e., rip saws, optimizing saws, panel saws,
re-saws, etc.)


Right-Hand Lateral Chain Feeder

Some floor plans and applications demand that the moulder be fed from the back side (left-to-right feeding). At WoodStorm, this isn't an afterthought; it's a whole separate design element. Our LR-R and BAF-R series lateral chain feeders are built on rolling carriages with rack-and-pinion guidance and inverter driven brake motors for quick, easy and accurate positioning.