Solutions for Moulding
DT-17-Moulder Outfeed Left Hand Lateral Chain Feeder
M-Series Moulder Outfeed Right Hand Lateral Chain Feeder





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Unique "on-demand" chain deck operation lets you run random, short and re-sawn material with minimum effort

Inverter drives give intelligent, durable and powerful performance while eliminating the inefficiencies and mess of hydraulics

Run re-sawn wedges (up to 20 degrees) without tilting feed works or beveled wheels ... and at no extra cost

"Open-arm" frame design allows for coupling with other processes (i.e., rip saws, optimizing saws, panel saws,
re-saws, etc.)


Left-Hand Lateral Chain Feeder

With their robust inverter drive systems, PLC controls and attention to detail borne from years of running moulders, WoodStorm lateral chain feeders have become the industry leaders. From 20 to 1230 feet per minute, we can suit your needs. With our open arm design, we can also mate our feeders to buffer chains or other additional handling devices. We can build a machine in virtually any length and speed range to fit your needs.