DDR-Gang Rip Return RF-Gang Rip Infeed
DDX-Near Side Even-Ending SR-Series Surfacing and Straight-Line Ripping
GR-3-Far Side Even-Ending U1-Sorting and Gang Rip Infeed
Grading & Ripping Systems XLR-Bi-Directional Gang Rip Outfeed
Power Rip-Gang Rip Optimizing Feed System  





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Accurate and clean even-ending at the far end while conserving floor space

Multiple cross transfer modes allow personnel to select optimal operation for each job resulting in fewer personnel

Unique sorting chain design can be lengthened in the future as you grow

Left-hand and right-hand models available



GR3 Gang Rip Outfeed System

Even-end and pull from the far end with less wasted space.