DDR-Gang Rip Return RF-Gang Rip Infeed
DDX-Near Side Even-Ending SR-Series Surfacing and Straight-Line Ripping
GR-3-Far Side Even-Ending U1-Sorting and Gang Rip Infeed
Grading & Ripping Systems XLR-Bi-Directional Gang Rip Outfeed
Power Rip-Gang Rip Optimizing Feed System  





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Pulls all material from the saw and returns it to the operator for immediate processing

Set-up free pinch roller automatically handles thicknesses from 3" to the thinnest edging

Designed to occupy the minimum floor space configuration


Let one man rip up to 5000 bd. ft/shift

Take your gang rip or straight line saw, one operator, less floor space, and rip more than ever!